Monday, 21 May 2012

A Musical Evening with Ghost

*Hand on my heart*

I have never seen the movie Ghost before (maybe because when it first came out, a rattle and a bottle of milk would have been the centre of my universe) but judging from the twitter response I got when I announced this on Friday Afternoon . . . That’s not much of an excuse.

 Embarrassing much??!!

When I won ticket to see Ghost the Musical courtesy of Nazila Love Glamour and Amazing PR. I had absolutely no clue that it was even based on a film; I had seen the posters and thought that it looked really interesting, plus I’m a sucker for a musical.

So on Friday (being dragged along by my overly excited Mummy), We arrive at the Piccadilly Theatre in Central London, where we were greeted by the lovely Amazing PR team who gave us our Ghost the Musical tickets and drinks voucher for a very delicious and theme appropriate Godminster’s Aromatic Garden Cocktail and off we trotted to the American Airlines Bar to schmooze it up with the other bloggers and get my nails Nazilla  Love Glamour’ed up.

Loved by Celebrities and Lovers of the innovative, Nazila Love Glamour joined forces with one of the West End’s hottest shows to bring out a limited edition 3D Ghost Inspired designs. I couldn’t get a clear enough picture of my Ghost inspired Nail Glitz on the day but once I track down my picture on Amazing PR’s Pinterest board I will definitely do a quick update to this post. I am sooooo in love with my Nazilla Love Glamour Nail glitz at the moment and I can’t even describe it in words (I could describe it in lots of squeals, jumping and nail poses though). I will be doing a review on these sometime this week so stick around for that.
This picture is of their GB rocks nails collection which is perfect for the coming Jubilee Celebration, which btw I’ve already mentally added to my ‘I want list’. Their collections start from £14.99 to £29.99 RRP.
With a London cast led by Siobhan Dillon and Mark Evans, Matthew Warchus’ stage musical version of the Academy Award® winning film Ghost originally opened at the Piccadilly Theatre in 2011. Now in its second year at the Piccadilly Theatre, Ghost The Musical has been seen by over 430,000 people in the UK.  For anyone who has watched ghost before, you might already know what the musical is about but for those who have never watched it before, Sam (Mark Evans) is trapped as a ghost trying to communicate with his girlfriend Molly (Siobhan Dillon) through a fake psychic in the hope of saving her from his murderer.

And let me just say. . . .It is WOOOW!!!

The lighting!! The costumes!!! The sets!!! THE SINGING!!!! ODI MAE!!!!!
 All so amazing!!!
If the Cocktails, Nails and Musical wasn’t even enough to christen a great Friday night, we then got to go onstage and take a group pic with the cast!!!
Overall it was a great night and even though I did have a slight allergic reaction to the cocktail, I LOVED it.
 Everything was sooo mesmerising and now I actually have to see the original film just so I can compare the musical and the film.
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