Monday, 21 May 2012

Tweezerman's Ombre Hot for Dots Itty Bitty Match Box

So there I am, typing semi-frantically at my keyboard when the horrendous happened  . . . My Nail BROKE!!!!

Now thankfully it wasn’t my Nazila Nail Glitz that snapped because this would be a full blown twitter lament, but my actual; home-grown, totally organic nails.

Now I don’t know what the Makeup gods are playing at but they must be having a bit of a giggle seated in a random Starbucks somewhere because just at that moment Tweezerman’s 2012 Special Edition nail files popped up in front of my eyes.
The Ittybitty Matchbox are actually the cutest and I can’t stop gushing over the idea, I mean come on, who thinks of putting nail files into a matchbox packaging?? The Miniature version of their award winning Slant tweezers look so very colourful and fun, I just want to play with them
Available in 3 colour, these pintsize essentials are perfect for your handbag or in my case, my work desk. Tweerzerman have adopted a popular fashion (and hair) trend and produced this colourful, mini, beauties nail files and tweezers.


I would love to be staring at these babies right this moment, instead of a chipped nail.
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