Thursday, 7 July 2011

Keeping it Lash Perfect at Lash Bar . . .

A bit nosy, aren't we??
Now anyone who has ever met me, or has the misfortune of knowing me knows I have an obsession with false lashes. I literally can't leave my house without them, they give a certain *oomph* that makeup can't always do. So when Joy from Joytodworld invited me to the newly opened Lash Bar on Carnaby Street, you know I had to go!!!

With luxurious chandeliers, soft aquamarine mood-lighting and boudoir furnishings, Lash Perfect's Lash Bar on the backstreet of Carnaby radiates quality from it's pores, which is not surprising as Lash Perfect is the UK's leading lash experts. The Lash Bar covers 3 floors with 4 treatment rooms; and each treatment room is washed in blue and white, and sound proofed to give clients a tranquil and comfortable experience (So comfortable in fact that one guest fell asleep in the treatment rooms while getting her eyelashes done looool). I could literally go on about the nicely furnished this lash bar is (it is that nice) but I'm going to move on to something a bit better. This Lash Bar has to offer the widest range of innovative treatments, I have ever come across, with its designer eye treatments, facials, massages, masks, brow definitions, makeovers and eyelash extensions treatments. My personal favorite has to be the 'Balayage - Flash of colour' treatment, this is when they add colour to your eyelashes.This can range from subtle to dramatic, and is available in blue, green, wine, purple, light and dark brown, but the purple has to be my favourite, it looks AMAZING!!! 
Trying on the 'Drama Queen' Lashes from the La La Lashes Range
To go with a newly launched store, Lash Perfect have launched the Lash app which allows individuals to take a picture of themselves and virtual experiment with either the Limited edition La La Lashes or the  Lash-Perfect Lash Extension range. I have to admit this is one handy app, you can download this app from the App Store from mid July 2011. 
I look just like the app said I would

Make sure to visit, you won't be disappointed
Lash Perfect Lash Bar,
35 Marshall Street,

More Pics from the Event x x x

Two Nosy ol' biddies trying to find out what's going on.

Joy and I 
Eyelashes with Swarzoski crystals . . Love at first sight