Monday, 4 July 2011

Blushing it up with Topshop . . .

I've never been one for buying retail-store owned beauty products, but I think Topshop's new beauty range might actually reform me. I actually don't know what even inspired me to buy these products as I am normally seriously biased against these products, because most of them are either seriously chalky, have ZERO wearing power or just don't show up on dark skin!! However the blushes I swatched from the Topshop make-up counter all showed up on my skin so I decided to give it a go.
Cheeks in Ray and Crushed Berry Blushes
The blushes ('Cheeks in Ray' and 'Crushed Berry'), I've picked out are both part of the Topshop Core Collection which is designed as a wearable everyday collection and I personally think the products stands by this statement. I absolutely love the Cheeks in Ray and have used it almost every day this week as a highlighter. I love the warm golden glow it brings to my skin, makes me look like I've actually spent sometime in the sun this summer
Cheeks in Ray
Cheeks in Ray with Packaging
Cheeks in Ray - Swatches
I love the colour of this cream blush. When I swatched it on my hand, I could still see the blush swatch almost 5 hours later. I  haven't actually used the Crushed berry yet, simply because I don't have a brush to apply this blush and I'm waiting on an e.l.f stipple brush to come  back in stock

Crushed Berry in Packaging
Crushed Berry

Crushed Berry Swatch - Looks more vibrant in reality