Friday, 8 July 2011

It was Ifabbolous . . .

Ifabbo event flyer
You wouldn't normally generally expect a networking event to be fun or exciting, but yesterday at the Powder Rooms on St. Carnaby, Ifabbo managed to effortlessly pull this off. Ifabbo (the International Organisation for Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers) is an international organisation whose mission is to unite bloggers and help us all network. If you're a blogger you should really look into joining up, because if last night was anything to go by I doubt you would regret your decision. Alongside the absolutely gorgeous cocktails and mocktails being served,  were some of Ifabbo's sponsors (the Makeup Store, Boudior Prive, Paul and Joe and Murad) who gave us some quick words on the products on show at the event and  in our goodie bags. Honestly I love the fact they did this because I got to meet some wonderful people who were passionate about their products, including the team behind Boudior Prive who are just wonderful, and I think I might have finally found a skin product range for my Normal skin in Murdo *woohoo*
A quick glimpse at Murad's Cosmetic Range
The highlight of the night had to be the cupcakes (made lovingly by @thecakeinacup). Every single blogger in the room were visibly salivating at the mouth when these gorgeous cakes were unveiled, and you could tell that everyone wanted to grab one but the thing is . . . Noone wanted to be the first! So when Alyea and I finally gave in to the cupcake temptation (we lasted about an hour *so proud of us*), the cupcake stand was rushed by our fellow Ifabbo bloggers. Had to be the funniest experience of the night.
Aren't they so beautiful???
We all left with a goodie bag worth £250 and you could tell they weren't joking, as it had to be the heaviest goodie bag I've ever been given!!! While I was tempted to start trying out the products on the tube, I'm being a good girl at the moment, I will be posting a haul video later today *yeah my first* because I don't think I would be giving the products due praise if I wrote about each and every single one *there's just too much*

Enjoy the pics from the night x x x
Our Lovely Barmitress from the night

Fellow Ifabbo bloggers - Carrie, Alyea and Becca
A/W 2011 Collection from The Makeup Store
Dark Chocolate Cupcakes . . . What more can I say??
Close Up of My cupcake - I have a thing for butterflies
Emma from the Powder Rooms making a little speech
The Powder Room set up with Paul and Joe Cosmetics

Close up of the counter
Carrie and I