Monday, 13 May 2013

Review:- MAC Ririwoo | Riri Loves MAC Collection

I am a bit of a lipstick-holic so there was no way in lipstick heaven and hell that I wasn't going to grab myself a bit of Ririwoo.

As you already know (As this lipstick was hyped beyond belief) Ririwoo is an early release from the Riri Loves Mac Collection fronted by Rihanna, but in the standard MAC black bullet. You don't really notice the difference between this shade and the other MAC lispticks until you begin to unscrew the lipstick to reveal the "Riri" signature.
MAC Ririwoo is based on the cult RubyWoo but was meant to be a blue-tones, creamier and slightly darker version. If the Instagram pictures are to be believed, there is not much of a colour difference between Ririwoo and Rubywoo.

 I am normally very good at picking up the subtle differences between similar shades but even I have to admit I can't tell much of a difference, which is slightly annoying considered I nearly gave myself an ulcer over this MAC shade.
Never in my lifetime have I ever stressed out so much for a lipstick. 10 alarms were set on my office MAC and my iphone just so I could be on the MAC UK website at 10.59am on the dot (but let's be honest I couldn't exactly sit back and let Rihanna's first MAC lipstick go unnoticed). Obviously the rush to get the Ririwoo lipstick in the UK was nothing like the States but I wanted to buy about 8 lipsticks (not all for my personal uses obviously) so I really needed to be quite nimble.

I really love this shade as it does seem to work on every skintone but I really don't love how Matte it is. It has that sandpaper feel that has stopped me from buying Rubywoo but it does seem to have a great wear time. It has already survived 3hours and one cup of tea but I'll let you know .

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