Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The One About MAC Haul The Week Before The Flight

I must be the only person in existence who decides to go shopping in MAC the week before an international flight, honestly WHO DOES THAT???

MAC Cosmetics is actually cheaper in the states (and FYI I'm actually in the states right now) but my “I want it NOW nature defied my rationality and I had to make a stop to the MAC store the minute my payslip hit my bank account.

I would like to say first off that I am aware I’m on a spending ban (although cheating on it) so I didn’t go as crazy as I normally do. I steered clear of the lipsticks and bought items, which I felt were essential to my daily beauty routine.

As I don’t have any major makeup problems, I actually don’t wear any foundation, blush, contour, concealer etc. during the week, preferring to rock a lipstick/gloss with groomed brows. My eyebrows are a non-negotiable part of my beauty routine. I could swear off wearing any makeup for months on end but if my eyebrows aren’t allowed to come along for the journey . . . there will be a show of aggressive behaviour. *I’m just saying*
I decided to get MAC Fluidline in Dipdown as an alternative to my eyebrow pencil as I need travel appropriate brows that won’t need touching during the day and won’t mysteriously vanish after a nap on my flight. Dipdown is a warm brown matte gel liner that will suit anyone with brunette or dark hair as it will match your natural brow shade without making it look too dark. It is almost impossible to get dipdown on the UK MAC Website so a trip to your local counter might be in store (unless you have Lady Luck and some lucky charms on your side that is)
I normally use my Eco Tools Bamboo Angled Liner brush for gel-liner brows and while this does the job very well, I find that I don’t have as much control as I normally have with my MAC brow liner so I decided to get the MAC 208 Angled Brow Brush which is almost half the size of the Eco Tools brush which I hope will mean that I have more control and precision when doing my brows.
Last is some new concealer. I normally use NW45 or NW40 in MAC Studio Finish Concealer but I wanted to go for something in the middle that would be a little more subtle than NW40 as it can look very “striking” and I find that I normally have to wear foundation just add some subtleness.  I got NC50 which is literally half a shade lighter than my skintone and as this is still a new shade for me, I can’t really let you know right now if it was the right colour choice for me but give me about two weeks and I might just do a comparison post between the 3 shades.

I actually am still kicking myself that I bought MAC products whenI was so close to going stateside but in all fairness I want to explore cosmetics that I can’t really get easier in the UK, I wonder if I will even bother going to the MAC store in the end.