Tuesday, 5 March 2013

If I Flutter My Eyelashes Enough, Will I Fly Away???

Trick question if there ever was one. I would have to attach lashes the size of Dumbo's ears to start defying gravity *but from what I can see from some of the girls wearing false lashes in my part of London, some are very close*.
 Eyelashes are something I always seem to have but always seem to run out of. No matter how times or how many flared lashes bumper packs I buy, I always run out!!! Today; while digging in my eyelash drawer, I came across this pair of Bird Lashes (RRP. £12.50).
I don't actually know where I got these lashes from I just know I've had them for ages but never wanted to use them because they are so pretty but as Baobella are running a competition I really want to win, I guess there is no better reason to wear them  . . . plus I don't plan to venture out of my house today and I don't really get to play around with makeup as much as I used to (I miss being a broke graduate sometimes), so I'm breaking out the bird lashes and some glitter and parading them around my house . . . just because I can!!!

My face, My rules!!!

(Until my dad tries to pull the lashes off my face anyway).

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