Wednesday, 27 February 2013

#28kisses and Counting | Day 27: Northern Light Kisses

I never really thought I had so much pink hidden in my makeup collection but having looked back on the #28kisses LipstickChallenge, almost all the posts have been pink or red . . .when did so much pink creep into my collection?? I demand an answer!!!!
Ok, no I really don’t especially when I’m about to talk about another pale pink lipgloss . . . but I’m running out of ways to describe the colour pink now . . . what do I say about Revlon’s Crystal Lilac??
Crystal Lilac is a psychedelic bubble-gum pink gloss with green reflects in it that is very eye-catching in the tube and on the lips. I did originally buy this just because I thought it was pretty (sometimes the buying reasoning is just that simple).
I’m not really one to go for a pink lipgloss this light but I love mixing this with a nude lipstick like MAC Freshbrew or Doubleshot to add a little ‘something-something’ to my lips.
I am a huge fan of Revlon’s Colorburst lip glosses as their smooth, lightweight and non-sticky formula feels like it should cost a lot more than their £7/8 price tag.