Monday, 11 February 2013

#28kisses and Counting | Day 11: Betty Kisses

I really could have chosen another lipstick from my collection to do today's #28kisses post but I'm still way to hyped over my MAC Archie Girl Collection Haul and I get a little bit of a giddy, adrenaline rush from seeing the Archie Girl packaging (despite my hang up over white packaging on makeup products) on my homepage every time I reload my homepage/

Plus I paid £15.50 for this lipstick  so I want to show it off Goshdarnnit!!!
MAC Oh,Oh,Oh Lustre Lipstick is a bronze lipstick with beautiful golden shimmers and the only thing I own from the Betty sub-category for this collection. As I didn't get to swatch this lipstick before I bought it, I was literally praying to the makeup gods that this lipstick stayed true to it's lustre finish and doesn't arrive looking like a makeup throwback to the 90's (Frost lipsticks weren't the one!!!)
When swatched on the lips Oh, Oh, Oh deposits a semi-opaque reddish-plum shade that looks NOTHING like what it does in the tub (which just might be a good thing), personally I love this shade something fierce and have a strong feeling that it will get the most use out of everything I own in this collection.
So tell me my darlings, did the white packaging throw you off (heard a lot of people call it tacky) or are you too much of an Archie fan to care?

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