Monday, 11 February 2013

Are You a Betty or Veronica Kind of Girl? | MAC Archie's Girls 2013 Collection

As my mum has 5 sisters with the youngest being only 11 years older than me, a mirror reflection (except 6ft tall . . . at 5”8 I’m the midget in my family (with a strong Napoleon complex)) and a strong obsession with the Archie comics. I can’t remember a time I haven’t seen Twinnie with an Archie comic and she is the only person I know with an online subscription to the Archie Comic Store WITH the iPad app. Suffice to say I was involuntarily indoctrinated with the antics of Bettie, Veronica, Archie and Jughead before I could even walk.
I see the Archie comics as part of my childhood, so can you comprehend the mass hysteria I felt when I heard that MAC were doing an Archie’s Girls Collation?? Actually I don’t you think you can, but just imagine a lot of mouse-like squeaking and a long distance phone call with more mouse like squeals.
MAC Archie’s Girls Collection is split into two parts with very distinct shades to represent the different personalities of the two girls after Archie’s heart. There are 16 Betty products and 16 Veronica Products with 5 accessories to tie the collection together. With the Betty products (aka the ones with the blonde on them) you get lovely spring and natural colours; pinks, browns, teals and corals, and with Veronica’s (aka the one with the brunette) you get darker, rich shades like fuchsias, plums and purples.
I’ve been hyped up ever since I heard it and if you follow me on twitter then you have probably seen me and Adrienne go on and on about this collection (Can you blame us??). I think what made this collection even more exciting for me is I got sent a few items about 2 weeks ago by the best British Blogger in the world who I’m not going to name; because I’m not sure if I can, but I will happily help her take over the world if she decided she wanted to *That much love and appreciation people*

I was sent Magic Spells Pigment, Feelin’ So Good Lipglass & the Black Swan Pearlglide. All gorgeous shades for both the Betty & Veronica collection but you know I couldn’t just leave things at that. Now hold on to your comic books because this is going to be a HUGE swatch fest!!!
I really love this collection and I hope you to. I bought a bit more than I needed with this collection because I want to send some over to Twinnie by international post just because I know it will make her day . . . and to say sorry for ripping up her Archie comic and hiding it when I was younger

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