Friday, 28 December 2012

My First Blog Disclaimer

Because Every Blog Seems To Need One . . .

While I am suppressing the urge to sound like a wise-ass and say my policy on sponsored posts and PR samples are none of your damn business, I'm going to try and act like an adult for the duration of this disclaimer (no promises though). So today's post is going to be on my new disclaimer policy and where I stand on reviews, sponsored post & other blog related things.
First and Foremost . . .

'Everything written on this blog are my own words AND my own opinions'

I do not accept any reviews, sponsored or affiliated, on my blog that has been written by a brand or a PR agency so please don't email me to ask. Blogging; in my opinion, is all about the blogger's opinion on a product and seeing the beauty world through someone elses eyes and to compromise this is . . . . well, there are really no words for it.

A huge majority of the products reviewed on my blog are bought with my own money (hence why the majority of my posts are positive . . . I'm not about to waste my funds on a product I will never wear for the purpose of blogging) but if I am sent a product sample from a PR company or receive a product in an event goodie bag I WILL NOT list the post title with a asterisk (*) as I honestly don't see the point of this. I will however clearly state early in the post that I received the product from a company or at an event. With events I have also gotten into the habit of putting the name of the event in the product post title.

If you don't like this, that it your choice but I believe that if you actually READ my posts then you can clearly tell if I have bought the product or not. I'm always 100% honest and an asterisk(*) would not change that.

If a post is sponsored, you will find either:

***This is a Sponsored Post**

at the bottom of the post. I only do one sponsored post a week, if that, and everything is always my own words and content.

Now this little bit of info is for Digital Companies or PR companies who decide to take up a sponsored post on my blog, you can contact me to get sponsored post rates. Please note that if I have put the effort to write and publish a post for you and have not been paid for said post, I will pull down the post after 24 hours and put blocks on any outgoing and incoming links related to the sponsored post.

At the moment I am not doing any affiliate programs or selling space on my blog as it is not something I feel comfortable doing. I am a member of the Handpicked Media Community as well as review products for


I don't believe in giving horrible & negative reviews (I'm a firm believer in constructive criticism), I will never attack a brand even if the product does not work for me. I will state what I personally did not like about the product, but I will also state what skin types or shades I believe the shade would work for OR in the case when I am sent a product that is at least 5 shades lighter than my skin (which has happened countless times), I will pass it on to some of my blogger friends who will review the product for me as a Guest Blogger Post.

I believe that opinions; both negative and positive, on a product will generally help my readers make a more informed choice.