Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Review: Jacava Nail Polish in Chillax

I don’t normally review nail polishes because I just don’t know how to paint my nails in a representable manner and even if I manage to get it does look half-way decent, I manage to smudge it before it dries, but when Jacava London contacted me I felt like just HAD to tell you about it

Jacava London nail polishes are all formulated and designed in the UK and are free from Formaldehyde, Camphor, Toluene and DBP which are all potentially potent chemicals that can be found in some big brand nail polishes which all have adverse affects on the human body from hallucinations to cancer.
Jacava’s Chillax Nail Polish (RRP. £13.50) is a metallic emerald green and topaz combination, which I felt was a delightful change to the deep plums and dark red shades that are on trend right now.
The nail polish brush is specially designed to touch the base of the bottle; so you can be sure to use every bit of this shade, and is long and thin to apply a coating to the narrowest or widest area of your nails.
I really love the logo of this brand (I do love a top hat) but as I am looking more and more into the ingredients I use in my beauty products, I thought that this would be a great product to show you especially as the Jacava range is currently stocked by Amazon UK.