Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Challenge | Day 8 : MAC Mattene Lipstick in Unknown Pleasures

New week and time to get back to work.

Thought I should start off the new week with a bit of a different hairstyle and a darker lip to boot. While I do love rocking the afro, it does make wearing beanie hats just that bit more difficult (because the silly thing refuses to sit properly on my head). Since it is officially winter now, I'm mixing up my normal nude pinks and browns for a deep berry red with an even deeper dark purple lipliner to add a bit of an ombre effect to it.
MAC Mattene Lipstick in Unknown Pleasures is a Limited Edition lipstick and while I do feel a little guilty showing off a lip colour that is not readily available I should point out MAC tend to recycle LE items so just watch out and it should be re-released again soon.
Unknown Pleasures is a dark berry red with a very deep pigmentation that has a bit more shine that I would normally associate with a Mattene lipstick shade but still love. I personally prefer Mattene lipsticks to the matte lipstick formula as I find that MAC tend to make their matte lipstick feel like liquidated chalk on my lips and as a sufferer of dry lips . . . I just can't deal.

Today's lips have been rimmed with MAC Nightmoth liner with Unknown Pleasures applied on to p of it and blended into Nightmoth to give a dark ombre effect that just looks AWESOME!!!
I've seen Andii from Andii James Blog do almost the exact thing but with MAC Cyber in one of his makeup shots on his blog, which  I really want to try it out sometime this week if I have the time. Check out his blogpost to get a little tutorial on how to create this effect
So what do you think of the shade?? I think it was finally time for me to start showing off the darker lip pies. Don’t forget you can keep up to track with both Ysis’ 30 lipstick in 30 days – Christmas challenge over at Le Beauty Girl or click my header to keep track of my version of the Lipstick Challenge