Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Challenge | Day 9: Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Desert Bloom 633


I think this challenge has already started taking it's toll on my lips . . .or it might just be the cold weather outside . .anyway my lips are feeling VERY dry at the moment. It was bound to happen due to the freezing cold wind constantly pelting my face in the mornings so I am more in the maket for a nice mositurising lipstick today after the mattene lipstick of yesterday.

I think Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Desert Bloom 633 might just be the first drugstore lipstick I've reviewed in this Challenge and of course it is a nude, I really do love my nude lipstick.
Desert  Bloom 633 is one of my favourite nude lipstick shades and I do have more expensive lipsticks in exactly this or very similar to this shade but I feel that it falls into the 'cheapy but a goody' category because it has a decent wear time and it's creme formula is very hydrating and moisturising, and feels a bit like a balm on my lips.

I got this shade in as secret santa blogger swap last year but only started using it this summer, but this is the shade that I tend to have to dig out of my bag because I always seem to have it. I'm a bit worried about it finishing because I think this shade is actually discontinued and I really cant face the hassle of having to replace it.
Does anyone know an online site or link where I could pick up another stick of this? It's just a great little product to carry around and as sad as it seems,I don't be the girl digging out the last bit of her lipstick with a toothpick so someone HELP!!!!