Wednesday, 5 December 2012

London’s Calling, so the Queen of Mod needs to get the Chelsea Look and rush to Kings Road

This has to be the longest blog title, I’ve ever thought of but it is very relevant to this very picture heavy post.
The UK’s favourite brand Eylure turned 65 years young this year and to commemorate this very old age, Eylure have launched four 60-s inspired false eyelash sets, which I have luckily gotten my grubby little fingers on.

There are 4 styles available in this special edition range, ‘London Calling’, ‘Queen of Mod, ‘The Chelsea Look’ and ‘Kings Road (Doesn’t my post title make more sense now).

Queen of Mod is the statement set of the bunch with the ability to turn my already round eyes into full bambi eyes.
If you are after a faux lash set with lashes of different length lash to give volume and length, then Kings Road should be what you might be after.
London Calling is my personal favourite and would by preferred choice if I were in Boots or Superdrug stocking up on my false lashes. The lightly feathered and flared design adds a lot of volume and makes my very round eyes look a bit more almond shaped.
It’s gently tapered shape cant hide the fact that ‘The Chelsea Look’ lashes are FULL!!! These babies give a very voluminous effect to the eyes which would be great for a night out.

All of the lashes are reusable as long as you don’t soak them in lashes glue and take care when removing them after use. So do you think of these lashes? Which of these lashes would you use on yourself and which do you think looks best on me?