Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Challenge | Day 15 - Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in 028 Sienna Sparkle

I've really been procrastinating with the 30 lipsticks in 30 days challenge but with this post I am finally  up to date (I think).

Today I'm was off to the salon to get some extensions (hence why my trademark fro is no longer in sight) so I'm keeping everything very natural and simple because let's face it, it was probably going to get wiped off my face due to me fidgeting or she might just have wiped it off herself if I decide to get my hair steamed and she attempted to drown me in the process.
Revlon Colorburst in Sienna Sparkle 028 is a beautiful bronze shade with gold iridescent sparkles running through the formula. Before appied or swatched you would think that this falls into the bery or burgundy colour family but I think that the yellow tones in this shade help to make it appear much more  skin-toned.
With two appointments in the works, this is definetly a lazy day shade which warms up by face while being low maintenance at the same time