Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Challenge | Day 12: MAC Amplified lipstick in Doubleshot

It was one of my best friends birthday last night and she decided to do a roller skating party (which never actually got to happen . . long story). I went for a shimmery brown eye look and as always I teamed it up with a nude lipstick.
MAC Doubleshot is part of the 4 lipsticks brought out in MAC’s Middle Eastern range that were made permanent. Doubleshot is a beautiful warm mocha-rose combination with a lovely smooth and creamy sheer finish that you only get from an Amplified lipstick.
I know I have bombarded you with nude lipsticks in the first part of the 30 lipstick in 30 days, Lipstick Challenge but I am trying to show what shades I would normally reach for and since I’m in an office 5 days out of 7, I tend to reach for nude shades. I will probably be moving onto my less loved lipsticks as the challenge goes on.