Monday, 10 December 2012

6 Winter Boots To Keep The Cold At Bay

I seem to have become very paranoid lately over the weather lately. I keep checking my MET office weather app 3 times a day in the off chance that a snow storm will hit London and catch me unaware.

If you live internationally in a cooler climate than the UK (first off, my condolescenses to your living situation) then you can’t understand this very well but in the UK; especially in London, just a few inches of snow will bring this city to its knees and NOTHING moves!!!! On one snow day it took me 4 hours to get home (I was only 45 minutes away) and I was wearing primsoles!!!!!!

This year I am determined not to be caught on aware and have been stocking up on socks and snow boots and I’ve lined up some suggestions for you if you haven’t got your winter boots yet.

My top recommendation would be to choose a pair of boots with a bit of Suede and a sturdy heel as this could potentially stop you breaking your neck if  you step on ice so Sketchers Grandjams Unwritten Knee High Boots get the first recommendation. These babies are WEB EXCLUSIVE so you will need to check online to see if they have your size.