Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Difference Between Tanning and Bronzing.

So I was asked on twitter 'what is the difference between using Self-Tanning products and Bronzing products' and honestly I thought that it was such a great question and relates really well to the 'Tanning for Women of Colour' project as self-tanning and bronzing products are very different and varies in terms of how long they last and how long you are meant to keep it on your skin. So I'm going to spend a few minutes explaining the differences, so Ladies and Gentle-frogs, get into your classroom mode (and no rushing to grab a seat at the back)
Self-tanning products include an ingredient called DHA (dixydroxyacetone) which is a naturally derived ingredient from sugarcane which darkens the skin pigment. Women with darker skintone need products with a DHA over 8% to bring out the golden/yellow tones in your skin which creates the appearance of a glow.  

You can get self-tans in either a gradual tan builder or an immediate effect, and on average the effects last about a week but the if you keep topping up the colour, the effect will obviously last longer. You can get these type of tans in mousses, gels, lotions . . . The list is practically endless to be honest, I just need you to remember to always EXFOLIATE as you don't want to tan on top of flaky/dry skin because the effects would look horrible!

Bronzing products contain iridescent powders with warm (or gold) tones that 'mimic' the effect you would get with a tan but unlike a tan which lasts for days, bronzers only last for a few hours. Bronzers are easier to apply than tans as you can control how much colour you want without the problem of streaking and Bronzers can easily be washed off with soap and water.

Bronzers normally come in liquids or powders. You can get bronzers that work on the face and/or body, in light, medium or dark, or in shimmer or matte.

I think what throws a lot of people off (or at least throws me off a bit) is when you get Shimmer Tans  like Abi O’s Beau Bronz Shimmer Tan Boost. . . now I might not be completely right about this, but the majority of shimmer tans are just tans where a golden shimmer powder has been added to boost your yellow tones, so in a sense works more like a bronzer but has the lasting formula of a tan.

Hope this helps!!!!!