Thursday, 13 September 2012

Battling London's Hard Water with AreaH20

When I opened up the mountain of products; and yes it was a mountain, I received at the #Livebloggers event on the 11th of Sept. I was super ecstatic to see that a AreaH20 Shampoo and Conditioner set had been included in the goodie bag especially after reading a review about the AreaH20 Set on Fleur the Force the day before and thinking I would how well that would work on my hair.
AreaH20 is a brand new haircare brand that tailors its product to the water type of the area you live in. London is a hard water area, but the further north you go the softer water gets. If you aren’t too sure about your water type for your area, there is a cute little map on the back of the packaging to help you out (so as long as you passed GCSE geography you are fine).

I am not going to lie. As Fleur’s review was not the most positive, I was shitting bricks (aka a bit apprehensive) because I have quite dry and fine hair and if all the moisture in my hair is stripped without being replaced my hair breaks like straw . . . .straw that has been left in the hot sun on a metal sheet in the middle of the desert (and yes I am slightly exaggerating with that metaphor but you get the idea) but I actually quite like this shampoo.
After shampooing my hair felt very light and squeaky clean and the conditioner works like a deep conditioning balm (and we all know how much I love my deep conditioning hair products). As I detangle my hair as I wash and condition it, I didn’t have a detangling problem and overall I think this did a good job.
The only thing I didn’t really like about this shampoo & conditioner set is its smell. I prefer my shampoos to smell sugary sweet and this has a very natural and cool scent; which would be great as a skincare fragrance, but I’m just not a huge fan.

Overall I actually think this did a better job on my natural chemically straighten afro hair than on my human hair extensions, but I’m going to wait a few more weeks before I subscribe to that train of thought. I think I would class the shampoo as being in between a good clarifying shampoo and a moisturising shampoo as it doesn't completely nourish hair or strip all the oils from it. I’m going to start using this on my natural hair as a replacement for my normal clarifying shampoo from Concoctions and see how that goes.

What do you think of this shampoo and its formulation to work with your area’s water? Is it another gimmick or something that would actually have a big improvement on your hair?