Friday, 14 September 2012

New in and only cost £20 aka Beauty Mart Haul

 A bit indecisive over what to call this as buying three products doesn't seem worthy of being called a 'haul'. 

I just wanted to quickly show you what I picked up last week when I visited the Beauty Mart store in Harvey Nichols last week. I did want to add this to a huge Aug/September Haul video I was planning to do but in true procrastinating form, I haven't got round to doing it yet.

I picked up a Revitalising eye strip mask from DHC; a Korean brand, which looked so interesting and  cute, that even if I have no clue what it actually does and if it might cause me eyes to puff up, I HAD to try it out. The miniature B0ioderma Crealin H20 Micelle Solution seems to be a blogger favourite and I know that there is a lot of hype surrounding it but I wasn't sure if it actually worked very well as I have read a few negative reviews but I'm nosey and like to try things out for myself so I grabbed the tiniest amount they had.

I already mentioned last Friday that I got the Revlon Kissable balm Stain in 040 (the orange one) and I was very happy that it was £2 cheaper at the Beauty Mart than at Superdrug, and so far I really love how convenient this is. . . .Don't love the peppermint smell/flavour but I'm not all that fussed

I would love to note down EXACTLY how much everything cost me but the Sales Assistants at the Beauty Mart for some strange reason took off all the price tags on the products and I can't find my receipt but everything cost £20.45 (according to my bank balance) so I'm not really fussed