Thursday, 13 September 2012

Glistening, Golden and Bronzed - Beau Bronz Shimmer Tan Boost Review

Paraben free, Cruelty free, Formaldehyde free, Sulfate free, Lanolin free, Alcohol Free, PABA free and UREA free with no Artificial Colours. We are starting off the Tans for Women of Colour project with the very ethical, green and organic Shimmer Tan Boost from Abi O’s Beau Bronz

Beau Bronz was started in 2004 by beauty TV presenter and Celebrity Tanning Specialist Abigail Oleck, who developed the brand with the ethos of being committed to using highest quality, organic ingredients but also being Paraben free.  Supplying products for every skin shade, regardless of if you are an English Rose, dark brown like yours truly or a skin shade reminiscent of a vampire, this holistic progressive tanning solution is available in spas and salons across the UK and we are so happy to have them involved with the TFWOC blogger project that is taking place over the next 5 weeks.
Abi O’s Shimmer Tan Boost is a golden tan that is meant to complement a variety of skin shades. On black and brown skin types the shimmer tan adds a yellow tone that recreates a glow that black/brown skin tones natural have when exposed to the sun. 

First off, I love the white and gold packaging to this. It looks really luxurious and very neat. Second, when I swatched this product I actually squeezed a bit too hard and got enough product to cover the length of my entire arm so a little goes a long way (don’t say I didn’t warn you). It’s very easy to work into the skin and leaves my skin with covered in gold particles
For some strange reason - my camera didn't pick up the shimmer that much (MUST REDO!!!)
As this tan only has 2.5% Ecocert DHA it is not enough to actually tan my skin, as I need a tan product with a DHA of 8% or over to make a darkening effect, I do love the glistening gold particles that this product deposits as my skin does tend to do something quite similar when I go on holiday to Africa or UAE so it gets top points for mimicking what my skin does naturally. My only negative comment would have to be the smell

I’m not sure if it is because I’ve never used a tan before and I am not used to the smell but I found that after 5 minutes of using this, my nose picked up a very unusual, musty, smell that can only be likened to freshly cut potatoes. I know that might sound a bit odd but the nose knows, you know.

I’m a big fan of looking glowy and sunkissed. I would definitely use the shimmer tan boost on my shoulders and legs on a night out to get that golden toned shimmer but I would probably soak my body in the strongest perfume I own to get rid of the musty potato smell (I really don’t love the smell)

You can get 25% off til the end of September by using the voucher code ‘LOVEABIO’ on the Beau Bronz Website

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