Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Beauty Mart - Great Concept . . . I think

I really can't understand why some brands or companies would insist on inviting bloggers to an event just to ignore them completely when they get there! Really?! I know there is probably a blogger quota to be filled and I should be 'grateful' that I even got invited to come down to the newly launched Beauty Mart at Harvey Nichols. However honestly when I make an hour and a half journey in 25 degrees heat, just to walk around a concession, not having a clue about its concept and not get talked to by anyone except a sales assistant who I had to go up to as I wanted to purchase something I found.

So while I would love to tell you a lot of things behind the Beauty Mart Concept and why it is such a great idea and maybe even what inspired the new concession. . . I can't  . . . so you might want to look to google because I can't write about something I know nothing about, only what I saw.
 Situated on the third floor of Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge  (bust a quick left at the escalators). The Beauty Mart is a lot like your standard beauty counter except it mixes and arranges different brands together in terms of use, so blushes are together, skincare, eyelashes etc etc etc.
Brands of different ethnicities (Korean, French, Australian) can all be found at the Beauty Mart as it stocks a lot of products that aren't available in the Uk (so all you Bioderma lovers, get down to Harvey Nichols).
What I did love about the Beauty Mart is how customers are encouraged to try and play with the different products so it's a lot more comfortable and inviting that going swatch heavy at your local drugstore or counter, plus I really do think that you can get products cheaper there than on the high street as I picked up the Revlon chubby pencil for £6 and Superdrug are selling the same pencil for £7.99 so yaaaaay.

They do still have a few chinks to work out with their till system so if you go down you might have to wait a little longer to pay than normal but I do think that it is really worth checking out, if only for a sneaky discount.