Monday, 10 September 2012

‘Beau’ and Bronzed with Abi O.

With the ‘Tans for WOC’ blogger project starting today (and yes I have been very emotional and excited about this), I wanted to kick things off with an event review (because if you haven’t caught on yet bloggers = events). 

Last Wednesday, Celebrity Tanning Specialist Abi O invited members of the press and the bloggers involved in the TFWOC project down to the Pure Beauty Salon in Fulham to give us a great example on how tanning products can be used on darker skin tones.

Taking the time to explain what each of the ingredients in the Abi O products does, what DHA actually is (because none of us really knew), what percentage of DHA works well with darker skin tones, how to prep our skin properly before tanning and more importantly how to avoid ending up with tans on the plan of our hands.

The main standout points of the night (apart from the tanning demonstration) were:-

1.Exfoliate!!! Get rid of all oils, perfumes and dead/flaky skin cells. This allows the DHA to soak into your skin properly so you can get a tan that is guaranteed to last longer and also avoid the horrible patchwork effect.

2. Hydrate your skin! Don’t use drying exfoliators on your skin but instead up for a moisturizing exfoliator so that your skin doesn’t dry out during the tanning process. A hydrating oil spritz over the tan will lock the tan on the skin.

3. Use mitts or gloves to protect the palm of your hands from tanning because lets be honest, no one needs that.

The whole evening was absolutely FANTASTIC as every one was so open minded to the concept and Abi was such a darling and spoke with such passion that by the end of the evening I was ready to devote my body over to Spray Tans. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear someone talk about their product with so much energy, love and zeal because sometimes the journey to how that product came around can be lost.

As I loved the event so much and I would love to get you involved with our project, We have a 25% off voucher code “LOVEABIO’ off any purchase on the Beau Bronz website


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