Monday, 10 September 2012

TFWOC - It's Storytime!!!!!!!

It’s been a VERY busy and stressful behind the scenes this month organizing the ‘Tans for Women of Colour project’ aka TFWOC. Trying to drum up enough interest from bloggers, brands and PRs and then trying to make sure the whole project is more of less functional once it starts running (so far so good) has been very demanding.

Since today is the first day of the project I want to do a storytelling post about how we came up with the idea for TFWOC and if I left anything out, please feel free to cross examine and compare Laalaa’s post.

So sit back . . . relax . . . and let the blurry screen transition begin

Once upon a time ( aka August 2012),

I got an email from a PR all about tanning products. Now normally I wouldn't even bother reading the email or just glance over it without much of an interest, but this email really stood out for me because it was telling me all about tanning for brown and black skin and how Abi O had formulated a range especially for these shades. I’m not going to lie, the first thing that went through my head was ‘but I’m already dark. Why on earth would I want to be darker?!’ BUT I was captivated.

I did a bit of a research on Google and I found a few reviews from darker skinned ladies on the benefits of tanning and also a magazine articles and I really wanted to get involved as it seems like a great alternative to skin bleaching to even out your skin tone and get a bit of a glow at the same time.

As the twitter-aholic that I am, I wanted to know if anyone else had been contacted by Abi O and what their results were so I could the different effects tanning could have on already dark skin and wouldn’t you know it, Laalaa from Dolce vanity had got the same email (woohoo!).

So we got a little over-excited about the concept of tanning mostly and next thing we know we have a beginning of a little project.

Ok, I am speeding up the process of how we decided to do the project but I’m cutting out the rude jokes and hours of silly humour here because once you get me and Laalaa going you really can’t shut us up and I doubt you want to read a conversation log (if you do follow us on twitter . . . we are always going on about something).

So ok, story over.

Deciding to do the project was really easy tweeted than done. I had the job of contacting the brands while Laalaa got the bloggers involved. After a lot of negotiation, tweeting and scrounging blogs we managed to get an 5 skin shade groups with 2 bloggers in each group and 5 different brands willing to work with us.

So these are the fabulous ladies working on the TFWOC project:-

Safiyah FrootiBeauty
Tass Une Tasse
LaaLaa Dolce Vanity
Stephanie Nerd about Town

Each week we will all test out and review the products on our individual blog and also link back to each others blog so it is easy for you to find a similar skin colour match and discover some new blogs in the process

Abi O's Beau Bronz - W/B 10th Sept 2012
Dija gave an amazing event review on the Abi O Spray Tanning event. She certainly has a way with words and hopefully this project can fulfil every aim she has set out.
Image courtesy of Dija's World
Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady shows us how the Beau Bronz gradual tan and shimmer tan works on Olive skin tones, so ladies if you use a MAC foundation around a NC/NW30 then the gradual tan might just be what you need to get your skin tanned without looking orange.
Image Courtesy of Tattooed Tealady