Monday, 23 April 2012

Little Shilpa collaboration with Cobra Beer at the Alchemy Fashion Catwalk

World Renown Indian Designer Little Shilpa revealed her latest millinery creation at the Alchemy Cobra Catwalk Show last Thursday night and I was lucky enough to be invited to witness her newest bespoke headpiece.
Marie Claire and ELLE Magazines 'Accessory Designer of the year' wove bailey, hops, maize and even Cobra beer bottles and presented us with a dazzling design that incorporates the core elements of Cobra Beer and contemporary Indian fashion.
When speaking to the Mumbai-born designer, it was very difficult not to share her optimism and energy about her Cobra beer collaboration. Approached by Cobra to design a statement piece as well as feature in a Cobra advert set in her home town, her excitement for this project was infectious. 'As part of my involvement with Cobra . . . I've created an unusual and unique piece . . using elements of the beer itself'

As I quizzed her on her creativity and how she comes up with the ideas for designs, Little Shilpa told me that it all starts of with the sketches 'I have to sketch out my idea first . . . I can't just start making it', It is all about building her ideas before putting it into a form.
Honestly when the finish result artistically develops a manufactured product like beer and transforms it into an organic statement piece, I am seriously considering purchasing a truck load of sketch pads for this little but exceptionally talented milliner.