Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How Sweet!!! A MUA Cosmetics and Love Hearts Collaboration

Anyone remember those chalk sweets with sweet lil messages on them??
You know, those lil sweets that every teenage boy gives his crush in the hopes of being percieved as romantic???
*Yeah, THOSE ones (¬_¬)*

Well on Monday (and just in time for valentines day might I add), MUA Cosmetics launched a Love Hearts collaboration based on the iconic British sweets. The pastel collection features 6 nails polishes and 5 lip balms, with sweet names that show off the core essence of Love Hearts Sweets and to introduce this new launch MUA Cosmetics invited us beauty lovers to Piccadily Circus to gosh over the collection and gorge on sweets (and cupcakes)
This event was extremely girly and with sweet temptations at every turn (it was so bad I had to drag Madison away from the Cupcake table).  I was lucky enough to get my nails done, sip on a cocktail and smooze around with my fellow bloggers
I  had such a great time tonight especially because I got a free manicure and I won one of the raffle bag (I got a love hearts cappuccino cup *giddy dance* bring on the hot chocolate!!!).
To celebrate the collaboration between two British Brands, and because I know some superdrugs can be a bit lazy when it comes to stocking their shelves on time, I am going to be giving away some Love Heart Goodies from both Love Hearts and MUA.
The prizes up for grabs are 

A Limited Edition Mini Love Hearts Tin 
A Huge roll of mini Love Heart Rolls
A pack of 4 Giant Love Heart Rolls
2 MUA Cosmetics Nailpolishes from the Love Hearts Collection
 - U & I; A Pastel Yellow Nail Polish Shade
 - I <3 u; A Pinky- Beige Nail Polish Shade
The Giveaway ends on the 19th of February 2012 and is only open to UK residents

To enter to win this giveaway you just have to be following my blog and leave a comment in the comment box . . . Simples!!!