Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ZOMG Blogger Bash with Rockalily Lipstick and the London Lipgloss

ZOMG!!! I got invited to the ZOMG Bloggers Bash 
I was super excited to get invited to ZOMG Bloggers Bash which was hosted by the lovely Zozo of The London Lipgloss and Flamboyant ReeRee of Rockalily Lipsticks. The ZOMG Bash was a big, ol' social media soiree to celebrate the fun collaboration of these two ladies in lipstick form.

I think this has to be the craziest event I have been to. The energy in the room was buzzing and all the bloggers were so super nice. There were just too  many things to do, that the 2/3 hours I spent there went in a flash.

My first stop was at the Temptation's Creation booth where we got the chance to customise our own cupcakes. I think I went a little bit overboard with my cupcake by adding vanilla icing, jelly beans, milk chocolate bits and this weird red sugar dusting but it tasted SOOOO good that I didn't care.
Then Camille, Shilpa and I got distracted by the many, many, many hats on display courtesy of Little Miss B. We had a little dress up session, which was super funny as we didn't actually know how to put on the hats properly *who knew that little elasticated string was meant to go at the back of your head and not under your chin?!!?!*
We also got to dress up in these beautiful red robes from Betty Blues Loungerie but I was having so much fun and forgot to take pictures *Typical me*

Now when it comes to red lipsticks, I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as 'I don't look good in red lipstick'. That is a myth!!! As  red lipstick looks great on everyone . . . You just have to find a shade that works for you and your skintone! With Rockalily lipsticks, there is definitely a lipstick shade to match your skintone regardless of what it might be (the lipstick canvas proved it). 
My favourite lipstick had to be 'Mans Ruin',  it was such a gorgeous, creamy dark red which I am absolutely head over heels in love with and I NEED in my lipstick collection.
Zo's lipstick in ZOMG is a super cute, pink-toned lipstick which I am seriously considering investing in. It swatches really nicely on dark skin and looks like a pink that is everyday wearable (and that's saying something considering I don't really like bright pink lipstick).
The Night was topped off by two risque performances by Rubyyy Jones and Banbury Cross who displayed two different styles of Burlesque strip teases and while both their styles were completely different, they were both absolutely gorgeous and exciting. I actually have two new girl crushes now
More Pics from the Night
One of the soon to be infamous Rockalily's Lipstick BloggerCanvas
The wonderful ladies of Historical Sauce who guided us through the Rockalily Lipstick Collection
My girl Crush Rubyyy Cross at the start of her routine . . . I love her hair!!!
Camille, Shilpa and I 
What Sexy Shoes some Bloggers have
Some of the Rockalily Lipstick Collection
Look at all those bloggers!!!

I actually had the best time ever and I am so glad I got the chance to go.