Monday, 30 January 2012

Vote for CounterAction Soundz!!!

Hi everyone!!!

Now I really need everyone's help with this, so please listen up!!

My bestie's (and he will kill me later for emasculating him with the bestie tag) band CounterAction Soundz entered a really huge Dub and Reggae festival competition in Europe and are tied for top spot in the Northern Europe Division (well done guys *applauds*)
Now they really need votes to help them get to the top spot and more importantly stay in the top spot, so they can get to the next round

So I would REALLY appreciate it if you could take like 30 secs out of your busy days to vote for them. By voting for them you win a free song and also (bring on the bribery) if you post a comment under this link telling me you have voted for them (and I will check) you get the chance to win one of these two gorgeous,handmade necklaces I bought from a crafts fair in Africa in December.
 So click here to get to voting!!!!!