Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review | Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer in Rich Deep

I believe a wise woman once said:-
 . . . or I could just be making that up (which is highly likely). EsteĆ© Lauder's Bronze Goddess Bronzing Powder in Rich Deep (RRP. £30) has been stared at (because it's very pretty), poked and played with ever seen I was gifted it by Estee Lauder almost 3 weeks ago but I really couldn't decide how I felt about this bronzer so kept delaying this post . . . but then I realised that this Bronzer is actually LIMITED EDITION and the longer I dilly-dally around, the harder it is for you guys to run over to Boots, House of Fraser or Selfridges to pick it up (My bad!).
Bronze Goddess' Bronzer in Rich Deep really has me stuck on the Fence.

I love that it's matte-with-a-hint-of-shimmer formula because it looks gorgeous once the light hits it and it comes with an amazing tipped-brush to help you with your contouring. The Con's for me, is the packaging. While my bronzer didn't arrive cracked like Adrienne's, the mirror keeps popping off everytime I open and close it and that is really irritating for me as I can't find my super glue and I like the mirror too much to take it out!!
Despite my annoyance with the Bronze Goddess Packaging, there is no denying that it is absolutely beautiful but I don't think it's dark enough to truely act as a bronzer for darker skin tones.
If you look at my swatch above, (you might have to squint a bit) you can see the slight red/bronze colour of the bronzer against my skin. I honestly believe that if the Bronze Goddess Bronzer was a shade deeper or had a stronger red tone then I would probably go and buy this in bulk. As it stands I don't think as a bronzer I could use by itself without a bit of help from a contouring powder HOWEVER I have been using it as a face powder. It's the perfect alternative to my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark Deep as it's subtile shimmer makes me look very healthy and natural.