Thursday, 13 June 2013

Review | Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser

Back-to-back skincare product reviews? What is going on Annie??


I just felt that I should review another skincare product that I've been loving lately because I've almost finished it and it was the oil controlling moisturiser I paired with the Facial Oil I reviewed on Tuesday so it kinda works that I should review them fairly close together
Baobella sent me the Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser just before I went to NewYork and after 3 or 4 months  I can say that for a moisturiser with a RRP of under £5, this is surprisingly good. The Oil Balancing Moisturiser is an oil-controlling un-fragranced moisturiser that contains a blend of Zinc PCA and Corn Strarh (?????) to mattify and gently absorb excess oil from your face.
As I don't have oily skin, I can't tell how it would work for someone with naturally oily but as I was intentionally making my skin oily I found that this worked very well as it didn't weigh my skin down, have an overly perfumed smell and had great oil controlling powers (Yes, I am visualising this with a Superman cape right now). Personally I feel that this is an amazing moisturiser as you are getting 75ml worth of product for under £5.
Since using Simple's Oil Balancing Moisturiser I have tried out their Facial Wipes but suffered an allergic reaction (again!!!), so if you happen to have sensitive skin and allergic to Fruit/Flower extracts I would advise you to check the ingredient list before you buy rather than make an assumption that all their products would work for your skin.