Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review | Balance Me Extra Care Radiance Face Oil

When Balance Me got in contact with me to review a few products, honestly I was a bit apprehensive.
I wasn't apprehensive because of the quality of their products (as I had heard they were awesome) but because I have suffered 5 allergic reactions this year alone due to natural or organic products. Luckily the PR was super nice and vetoed their products against my allergies and sent me products which I ould actually use.

Facial Oils tend to have very simple and natural ingredient lists that either contain fruit or nut oil and tend to be the only skincare products that I can use without feeling like it's a potential allergic reaction in a bottle as a glance at the ingredient list is enough for me to deduce whether I could potentially be allergic to it or not.
I have been using Balance Me's Extra Care Radiance Face Oil for about 3 weeks to a month and since I haven't experienced a reaction and my bottle of Radiance Oil is almost finish (Hope it lasts til payday!!!!) I think I am in a great position to review it AND recommend it.When it comes to oils, it's
Balance Me Radiance Face Oil is a 100% natural face oil that moisturises your skin with a blend of Amazonian Buriti Nut Oil, Roman Chamomille and Benzoin to boost your skin's appearance. The Radiance Face Oil is an excellent way to nourish your skin and boost it's elasticity as it's concentrated formula is an easy but effective way to brush off our winter and rainy skin problems and actually feed skin. Facial Oil are oil-based rather than water-based, so your skin is actually getting a high concentration of what it needs, meaning the formulas wiggles down and penetrates the layers of your skin a lot deeper that creams and liquids.

Personally I feel that Balance Me's Radiance Face Oil is a winner as it is created in the Uk (Yay Britannia!!) and contains:-
Although Balance Me do say that you can use the Radiance Facial Oil in the day and in the night, I personally believe that this depends on your skin type. If you have Dry Skin, then you could you this without any problem, if you have normal skin (like I do) then I suggest using a oil controlling primer or moisturiser as well. I found that using a oil-controlling moisturiser actually stopped me from experiencing any shine or a heavy greasy feeling HOWEVER I wasn't actually wearing any makeup when I did that little experiment so I personally don't know how your skin will behave then.
I think my skin is getting a bit of a boost from using this as my skin has felt a bit dry and problematic due to the number of reactions I've suffered but this has helped me adjust my skin back to normal and thats' a winner in my book.