Saturday, 1 June 2013


I'm not the biggest Pinterest user as I never really got the hang of it and quite honestly I feel like my social media multi-tasking has been stretched to the limit that quite a few sites have been brushed to the side (Don't believe me? Check my Facebook page!!).

I think everyone and their grumpy cat already knows about Pinterest so describing what it is would be mind-drillingly boring for both of us (trust me on this).  A few weeks ago, they started a worldwide expansion campaign and launched a UK Pinterest Platform, which is just amazing. Though I don't use Pinterest on a daily basis, I do use it as a source of inspiration when I am stuck in a rut for tutorials, and recipes ideas.  Most recently, I've been using Pinterest for inspiration of a Boxpark Pop-up Shop Layout ideas  . . . but I can't tell you more than that as it will spoil the surprise.

Anyway here a 2 of my favourite Pinterest boards which I LOVE and probably should update a  bit more. Happy Pinning Everyone!!!

Also, you may have already noticed, but it is that time of the year again.... It is the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards!  This is my first time of signing up for these awards so I would be REALLY, REALLY grateful if you could take five minutes to nominate Epiphannie A in the Established Beauty Blog category. I have been loving sharing my zany self all over the beauty blogosphere for the past two years and it would mean the world to me to be nominated for this at least once

Thank you in advance!