Friday, 31 May 2013

Tutorial | Bouncy "Cloud Nine" Curls

To know your hair, is to love your hair and to love my hair means that you don't mind getting a face full of hair everytime you hug me. If you remember my CloudNine event post in April, then you will already be familiar with Cloud Nine "Know Your Hair, Love Your Hair" Slogan and their campaign to educate women about their hair types and the best ways to protect it during heat styling.

I've been lucky enough to be given their Micro Wand (RRP. £89.95) to recreate their Kelly Rowland Curl Tutorial. Now while I love Kelly Rowland and her hair with a passion, I honestly didn't have the time to do the micro curls that she flawlessly sports but I still did my best to give my 'fro the best curls I could in a 2 hour time limit.
 photo kelly_rowland_cloud_nine_cloudnine_micro_wand_microwand_hair_tutorial_big_bouncy_curls_spiral_epiphanniea_afro_hair_extensio_zpsba089124.png  photo kelly_rowland_cloud_nine_cloudnine_micro_wand_microwand_hair_tutorial_big_bouncy_curls_spiral_epiphanniea_afro_hair_extensio_zps2c59bbb4.gif  photo kelly_rowland_cloud_nine_cloudnine_micro_wand_microwand_hair_tutorial_big_bouncy_curls_spiral_epiphanniea_afro_hair_extensio_zpsec3caa0c.gif  photo kelly_rowland_cloud_nine_cloudnine_micro_wand_microwand_hair_tutorial_big_bouncy_curls_spiral_epiphanniea_afro_hair_extensio_zps426e54e5.gif
I'm going to do a full review on the wand later on in the week but I just couldn't resist giving you a gif-tutorial with my cute curls *whips hair back and forth* As always if my gif-torial isn't clear or I missed anything out let me know and I might just make a You-tube video tutorial to show you how I did this

Also, you may have already noticed, but it is that time of the year again.... It is the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards!  This is my first time of signing up for these awards so I would be REALLY, REALLY grateful if you could take five minutes to nominate Epiphannie A in the Established Beauty Blog category. I have been loving sharing my zany self all over the beauty blogosphere for the past two years and it would mean the world to me to be nominated for this at least once

Thank you in advance!