Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Beauty and The Beach 2 - Travel Supermarket

I did enter the Travel Supermarket Beauty and The Beach competition last year but I literally only had 1 hour to do everything I wanted as Laalaa (who won btw . . . I actually cried out of happiness for her) only told me about it the night before it was meant to end.

This year Travel Supermarket are holding Beauty and The Beach 2 and I'm doing a triple whammy and entering both the hair, nails and beauty competition and going for a Bronzed, Caribbean holiday feel . . . yh this is my way for saying that this is going to be a very long post and I apologise now if my gif's take a while to load up BUT trust me you will want to wait a few extra minutes for everything to load up because my entry is just that good (in my opinion anyway lol).

Since I had a bit more time to play around with my beauty look this time, I've decided to keep it very simple as I don't really wear much makeup on holiday, I'm way too busy adjusting to the heat but  I have to admit that the Beyonce x HM ad inspired me a bit but honestly
My focus for my Beauty & The Beach entry is something simple enough to do that doesn't take up a lot of suitcase space and you don't need to buy a electrical socket adaptor if you wanted to recreate it on holiday. Now enough talking let's get started with the nails!!

Simple right? Well I did say that Nails were not my strong point butI can't lie, I'm please with how this turned out . . .I'm even more surprised that I managed to do this without smudging a nail halfway through.

With my eyes, I just keep repeating bronze, simple, bronze and simple in my head so after applying Urban Decay's Primer Potion all over my lids as a base, I popped on Rimmel's Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Stick in 003 Bad Girl Bronze and blended this all over my lid. Easy Peesy Right?? 

With cream eyeshadows blending is always key. To ensure that my cream eyeshadow is blended out properly and I don't have any harsh lines, I sweep MAC Antique over my crease bone, add MAC Wedge to my browbone and blend in MAC Texture over everything to get a smooth transition between all the shades.

To finish off my eyes, a combination of L'oreal Paris SuperLiner in Perfect SlimBlack Vinyl and Eylure False Lashes in 117 gives me a simple bronzed eye.
I really wanted to do a daytime beach look, something that's easy to put together and light, so you don't feel like you are melting under so many layers. With that said I'm concentrating on light to medium coverage with a sweet, pink finish so I look like I've just been to the beach . . . . or at least benefiting from my hotel's air-conditioning.

I'm using my NARS Sheer Glow and my MAC Select Cover up concealer for a lovely, sunkissed glow. A light dusting of MAC Prep & Prime Finishing Powder under the my eyes will stop my concealer from slipping during the day (and also stop sunglasses from making my concealer smudge).

Now on to my favourite part, Blush time!!! I first applyg my favourite Cream Blush in Betray from Illamasqua on my cheeks and set it with a bit a light setting powder (MAC MSF in Dark Deep). A pink highlight on my cheeks (MAC Stereo Rose) ensures that I don't lose the healthy, dewy glow that I'm after. Now all that's left is a pink, nude combo aka MAC Spice lipglass and MAC Lickable Cremesheen Lipstick and FINISHEDDD!!!!!!

As this post is already running a bit long (apologies), I'm going to whizz past my hair entry. I didn't really want to do much to my hair . . . ok I didn't want to tackle the 'fro, so summer beach accessories was the next logical step. You can get everything used in this tutorial from Boots, a florist/Wilkinsons, Sallys or your local Afro Beauty shop so it's super easy to do.
To get that beach look, Run to your local florist or Homeware store (aka Wilkinsons) and grab some flowers. You can use fresh flowers or fabric flowers for this look, it just depends on what you have on hand. Taking a pair of scissors snip . . or pull the flower off it's stem but be careful not too remove the base holding the flower together. Now get a few hair pins and push the hair pin through base off the flower.

As I want to keep my hair low key, I'm going to do a remix of the standard salt spray - beach waves hair. I mix water and a little bit of conditioner in a spray bottle (shake well), spritz my hair in sections and comb out any knots and tangles. Rather than using a salt spray on my hair, I'm going to take Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding and run this through my hair to get some loosely define curls

All thats left to do now is scrunch my hair from tip to root . . .  and slide in the flower pins you made earlier
I would love to see an entry from Adrienne (The Sunday Girl), Laalaa (Dolce Vanity) ((Yes, again!!!) Catrine (Unnakednails), Laura (Laura Louise Beauty) and Jayne (Jayne's Kitschen) as I know they would just blow my entry away to pierces if they entered. I hope you love this look and gif-torials. The Deadline for the Beauty and The Beach 2 competition is June 5th 2013 (Wednesday) and if you feel inspired to enter the competition, make sure you tag me because I want to see it!!!