Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Festival Prep starts NOW!

Ok festival season is nearly here and hopefully you managed to grab yourself a ticket to one of the amazing events happening over the summer. I managed to get myself a ticket to the Wireless Festival and am gearing up to see the amazingness (not a made up word, I promise) that is Justin Timberlake and Jay-z.

As this is my first festival since I was like 10, I'm really throwing myself into the whole festival experience. I'm talking hunters, tie-dyed everything and shorts . . . ok the shorts are weather dependant and state-of-my-legs dependant.

Yes you heard me:-
I don't know if it's because they have been hiding away for almost a year but the thought of me in shorts is actually a bit . . . . yhhhhh.

I'm not saying I have hairy legs that could put a satyr (half man, half goat) to shame, but does anyone think that the sight of their legs after a long winter reminds them of something shown on Embarassing Bodies? FYI I'm talking before they have a specialist laser hair removal treatment from somewhere like Sk:in Clinics to sort them out.

This is the problem with tights, jeans and the cold, once it's over you find yourself having to make yourself summer ready all over again. Now I'm not sure if I can go through the pain of getting laser treatment as I am a huge gimp that practically has a meltdown everytime I get my eyebrows threaded but I'm just asking is there a Lazy girl's guide to getting festival ready?