Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Papachichi Style x EpiphannieA


Remember me??

C'mon it's only been two weeks. You can't possibly haven forgotten who I am already (well unless you happen to have the memory of a fish). Apologies for the impromptu blog break, I've literally been rushed off my feet for the last few days and haven't even had much of an opportunity to blog or edit any of my pictures and that's really sad because I wanted to talk to you about my new hair extensions *flips hair back and forth*

For my 23rd birthday, I decided I wanted my hair a lit longer, better quality and a bit more blog friendly. My signature hairstyle was not very adventorous as it was made up of a synthetic hair blend so I couldn't straighten, curl or do much with it and that was soooo boring!!!! Normally, getting extensions isn't much of a challenge as everybody and their best friend seems to sell them (if you don't believe me, just check your Facebook newsfeed) but I wanted to keep my beloved kinks and finding a company that stocked kinky curly hair was surprisingly difficult.

Luckily, I managed to stumble upon Papachichi Style and their absolutely gorgeous website (who knew you could have a video as your website background) and made an appointment for a lace hair closure and 300g of Human Mongolian Kinky Curly Extensions. Papachistyle.com is an innovative mobile hairdressing company owned by Mary Oluwawo. Mary Oluwawo has been doing hair for almost 7 years and has also worked as the Head Stylists for Weave Got Style, styling extensions for WAGs.
 photo papachichistyle_papachichi_style_epiphanniea_mongolian_kinky_curly_hair_extensions_weave_zpscd40177e.gif
Mary has to be one of the most infectious and hard-working ladies I've meet in a long time.
What started out as an friendly interview morphed into one of the best conversations I've had in ages. She shared with me the stories behind her company name (complete with beat-boxing), her reasons for leaving her journalism job at the Guardian and Mumsnet to pursue her dreams and of course the ups and down of owning her company.

As most of the interview was plain ol' gossiping (there is something magical about sitting on the hairdressers chair, that makes you want to spill out your heart) I've p
Me: Ok, let me just start this interview of by asking, Why the heck would you leave a good job at the Guardian to work for yourself, especially in these economic times?

Mary: I told myself I would never be in a job for money or status, I would rather be in a job for happiness because at the end of the day you graduate university and it's like 'woooooahhhh,  welcome to the big wide world", there's noone to go to and say "Miss, Can you help me with my homework?". At the end of the day it's just you!!

Once you get into a job, you settle and get comfortable and start to think 'I don't know how to do anything else, I've been here for a year but if I leave, how can I guarantee I will get another job?". While I was working for the Guardian, I felt like a different person. I wasn't my bubbly self so I left.

I did have a bit of a panic at the beginning and thought I might be making the wrong decision, so I decided to freelance for Mumsnet while I was still doing hair. As time went on, Mumsnet hired me to work full-time but then the lack-lustre feeling returned and I quit after two months but this time I knew that I was making the right decision by working for myself.

Me: And are you still happy with the decision you've made?

Mary: I am loving what I am doing right now. This is what I love! If you wake me up at midnight asking me to do your hair . . . I might charge triple but I would do it because this is what I love.

Me: What advice would you give anyone interested in setting up their own business?

Mary: It's so important when you have a business when you employ other people to make sure they are happy and that you keep close tabs on everything because people will rub you blind if you give them the opportunity. Also stick to your whatever price you set because everyone will try and get  a discount from you regardless of quality. You are not getting a salary every month, so you need to work hard and remember that whatever you put into your business, you get out.

I can't get enough of my hair as while I'm still getting used to doing braids and twist outs every night to keep my curls curly, I'm in love with my weave and I'm sorry I can't end this post without saying:-
Mary has been super  nice enough to give you (my lovely readers) a 10% discount on her website; which I didn't even have to hustle her for. Check out Papachichistyle.com and also feel free to Facebook Mary any questions regarding hair extensions because she KNOWS what she is talking about.

Also, you may have already noticed, but it is that time of the year again.... It is the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards!  This is my first time of signing up for these awards so I would be REALLY, REALLY grateful if you could take five minutes to nominate Epiphannie A in the Established Beauty Blog category. I have been loving sharing my zany self all over the beauty blogosphere for the past two years and it would mean the world to me to be nominated for this at least once

Thank you in advance!