Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Brushes For Foundation

Which Brush to use for Foundations, Brushes for foundation
Now these are MY favourite brushes to use to apply my foundations.  I’m not telling you to go out and buy every single one of these brushes as I doubt you will ever need them all. I’m just a hoarder and like to be prepared for anything and everything (at least that’s what I tell myself). This post is just carrying on from this week's focus on makeup products for the face and it is really just meant to act as a guideline on what certain brushes are for and the brands I buy them from.
These 6 brushes are my favourites to use on my face. I have put a bit of a variety here so we have brushes that can be used with on cream, powder and liquid foundations. Some of these brushes are multi-purpose so can be used for different types of foundations but I’ve grouped these brushes by what I use them for.

Liquid Foundation - Layering

I love Japonesque Slanted Foundation Brush which is an angled, flat brush because it minimizes my pores and skin imperfection. I normally use this brush when I am suffering for a slight skin reaction from a product I am testing (which nowadays tends to be every other week or so).or when I have chosen to conceal/correct an imperfection on my face and I want to layer on my foundation rather than buff it out. I personally believe that flat foundation brushes are the best brushes for covering the skin's imperfections and working with heavy coverage foundations.

Liquid Foundation  - Buffing

MAC Cosmetics 187 Duo-Fibre Stippling Brush is the perfect brush for a dewy finish and is probably the most used brush. I use it predominately for liquid but will use it to buff on a thin layer of powder. I actually own two of these brushes in the off chance I lose one. I do find that the MAc 187 brush is very foundation dependent. It works amazingly well with some foundations but can leave annoying streaks with another.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is actually my newest brush discovery and I really wonder what has taken me so long to get this. The broad head of this brush is amazing for both liquid and cream application. At only £9.99 I can't believe how amazing this brush is for it's price bracket.

Powder Foundation

I normally use powders to set my foundation and a light sweep over my foundation with Japonesque Powder Brush is often enough to keep everything from slipping during the course of the day. Japonesque but I have also used Real Techniques Buffing Brush from their Core Collection if I want more control over where I place my powder.

Cream Foundation - Layering

If you use a cream foundation, you have the option of using a flat-ended brush to blend in your foundation with but I find that these brushes can be a bit bulky and don’t quite get into corners like the sides of your nose. I use Becca Cosmetics 58 Foundation/Concealer Brush which is has a pointed tip with tapered 3-tone synthetic Taklon fibres. While it does take a bit longer to use compared to a flat-ended brush, I love the smooth, sheer application this gives me.

How I ended up using 6 brushes on my face; in rotation, I will never know but these are my favourite brushes to use and if you ever wanted to know what brushes I am using in my past or future tutorials or FOTDs then consider yourself informed.