Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review: Stargazer Ribbon Paper Lashes

I think playing around with paper lashes will soon become my next dramatic obsession and these amazing corner lashes from Stargazer are certainly accelerating this obsession. Hearing that I recently tried out the Paperself Bird Paper Lashes, Stargazers got in contact with me to ask if I wanted to try out their newly launched paper lashes.

Honestly though just how cute are these Stargazer's Ribbon Lashes. At £6 a pop, these lashes are half the price of the Paperself lashes(which makes sense as they are about half the size) and come complete with it's own lash glue.
When I posted these on instagram (and had a very insightful tip for Safiyah on where I should place them), everyone loved the way they looked but couldn't figure out how I was supposed to wear them . .  . and in all fairness neither could I, I found these lashes a bit awkward to use but that is entirely doing to my own clumsiness and the fact that I've only ever used half lashes once before but never on my bottom lashes.

I love how they make my big ol' doe eyes look very doll like, but I would REALLY love to try on the stars version of these lashes. Those look AMAZEBALLS!!!

The only criticism I have with these lashes, is that they show up a dark grey rather than a true black on my skin. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not but I didn't think it blended in very well with my eyeliner and mascara, hence the reason I am wearing a green eyeliner on my bottom lid. It's not a huge problem for me (obviously) but it is one I felt should be pointed out to you, if you wanted to do a dark smokey eye or doll-inspired look with these lashes.
stargazer ribbon paper lashes