Monday, 25 March 2013

I Frizz Ease'd Away My Gym Hair Nightmare

As I'm currently training for a 10k run, which unfortunately involves dragging my lazy arse to the gym and changing my diet, I've realised very quickly that the gym and my hair are not compatible. My hair is just frizzing up like crazy. My normal rule haircare products aren't really cutting it and to be honest the option of washing my hair everyday is just not feasible as I have extensions in at the moment. . . . I think it's time to call in the Frizz Ease.
If you don't know about John Frieda's 3 day Straight Serum then I think you need to click here and educate yourself on the whole range as John Frieda's Range is the:-
 photo bomb_epiphanniea_zps76dfba41.gif
I normally only use the normal strength Frizz ease serum on my hair and extensions when I need a little help in the frizz department but when I was sent the extra strength 3 day serum, I made silent "Thank You" to the Makeup gods for the excellent timing as my sleek ponytail was starting to look  . . . well you get the idea.
The 3 Day Straight Serum from the Frizz Ease range is designed to keep your hair sleek, de-frizzified and manageable for 3 days but I have found that it will last until your next wash so if you don't have greasy hair, you could push 5 days. To use this serum, you apply a little pump of serum to soaking wet hair and distribute it evenly from mid-shaft to tips. That is it!!!!
Ingredient wise, I don't really see anything that is overly troubling. It contains Hydrolysed Silk,  Algea Extract, Paraffinum Liquidum (emollient) Dimithiconol (silicone), Cyclopentasiloxane (silicone used to disperse other silicones) and Ethythexyl Methoxycinnamate (shatters/defects UV rays). Nothing to have a heart attack over.

Personally the only negative I have for the John Frieda Serums is that the pump can be a little fiddly and might require some strength (I find placing it awkwardly in your lap while forcing down the pump with wet hands works wonder) but I have been buying the Normal strength 3 day serum religiously for almost 3 years now so the pump is not that much of an issue for me.

I was also sent the John Frieda Intensive Masque and you all know how much I love my deep conditioner so I can't wait to wash my hair again in a few days time. I actually haven't heard much about their Intensive Masque but here's hoping it works wonders.