Friday, 15 March 2013

Lace Those Eyes

I’m not an eye-liner whizz. I have yet to master how to do the cat eye and get both my eyes to match so the idea of editorial worthy lace-rimmed eyes that probably took an experienced makeup-artist hours (and a very stiff wrist) would undeniably be out of my comfort zone . . . at least that was until Stargazer got in contact with me and offered me the chance to review their newly released; as in only launched TODAY, Sexy Eyes Temporary Eye Tattoo in Rose 3.

Yhhhh, I didn’t even have to think twice before I replied “YES!!!!”

The Stargazer Sexy Eye Tattoo works a lot like those tattooes that you used to play around with as a kid, in the sense that you place it where you want, dab the back with some water for 30 secs and then carefully peel off. I have never used a temp tattoo on my eyes before but considering I did this at 11pm last night (and my concentration levels were rock bottom so I ended up smudging the flick on my right eye) this was very simple to use.
I think these eyes would be amazing on a night out as without some oil and rigorous rubbing, THEY DON'T COME OFF!!

What do you think about the Stargazer Tattoos?? Love them or Loathe them??

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