Thursday, 21 February 2013

#28kisses and Counting | Day 19: Shaded Kisses

Another day, another budget lipstick from the incredible highstreet brand that is MUA Cosmetics. Let’s face it, any brand that can formulate a great lipstick for only £1 deserves a big pat on the back and regularly.  
I know I featured MUA's lipstick inShade 3 earlier on in the week but having been on 2 lipstick challenges in the last 3 months AND on a spending ban, it is getting harder and harder to choose lipsticks that have never been featured before on the blog or in a previous challenges, so in the next few days you will be seeing a few odd colour choices. Heck, I’m even tempted to feature MUA Cosmetics lipsticks for like a week since I have so many.
 Today’s kiss is the MUA Cosmetics Lipstickin Shade 10, which in all honestly feels a lot more luxurious and butter-cream like than I expected. I find that shade10 has a bit of a lip-butter / lustre texture going on as it feels a bit like liquid when you are applying it on but lacks the opaque colour of a typical lip butter so it is quite difficult to explain
I kind of wish that MUA Cosmetics would start adding descriptions to their lipsticks on their packaging, as you never quite know what you are getting yourself in for; lipstick wise, until you get home and use the lippie.  Anyone else agree??