Wednesday, 20 February 2013

#28kisses and Counting | Day 18: Frosted Coral Kisses

Why on earth do I even own a frosted, coral lipstick??

I don’t know! I can’t even tell you when I bought this or why, all I know is I did and I’m waiting for the day that this lipstick becomes on trend or I need it for a very random makeup look. *It could happen*
L’oreal Paris Studio Secrets Lipstick in Coral 830 is actually a discontinued lipstick that in all fairness I doubt anyone would really mourn. The original concept of the studio secrets line of targeting a few colours to one’s skintone was a good idea however the quality and feel of the lipsticks really let them down.
The Studio Secrets lipstick came in 3 finishes but unfortunately they didn’t tell you which one so you really had to take a leap of faith.

I think I might actually be popping this in the bin soon because I don't really use it and I have a sneaky suspicion that it is past it's sell-by-date.

Do you have some cosmetics that you can't even remember buying hiding in your cosmetics stack??