Wednesday, 20 February 2013

#28kisses & Counting | Day 17: Morning Kisses

Today’s kiss . . . ok, I’m lying here this is actually meant to have gone up last Sunday for my #28kisses lipstick challenge but I’m really falling behind at the moment. Take me word of advice, getting sick in the middle of a blog challenge is not advisable!!
MAC Morning Glory Lustreglass otherwise known as the ‘Stole it from my aunt’ lipgloss has been my one and only venture into MAC lustreglass range and to be quite honest I’m not really blown away.  
I don’t know if it is because I find it shows a bit silver on my lips or that I’m not really a glitter lipgloss kind of girl but Morning Glory doesn’t actually get that much love from me so I'm going to be keeping this review short and sweet because it all honesty this is not a lipgloss to get hyped up about.

I wonder if it would just be best to sneak it back into my Aunts handbag when she’s not watching and pretend it’s been hiding in her handbag unnoticed for a year plus . . . it could work