Tuesday, 19 February 2013

#28kisses and Counting | Day 16: One Pound Kisses

Day 16 and it’s one pound lippie time . . . yes, I  am singing this in the £1 fish tune.

*hangs head in shame*  

Just in case you're not familiar with MUA Cosmetics line and my £1 fish joke flew over your head, MUA Cosmetics are a high-street/drugstore brand that have taken the UK beauty market by storm with their affordable but quality products delivered at a very low price. The MUA lipsticks are on sale for just £1(Amazing right??!!) and tend to either be a creme sheen finish or a lustre. I can't 'hand on heart' say if they have more finishes than this as I've only tried the colours that work with my skin-tone but out of the 6 or so MUA lipsticks I have, this seems to be the case.
Today's kiss of choice is MUA Cosmetics Lipstick in Shade 3 (Sorry these lipsticks don't come with names) and it's a bright pink lipstick that dupes MANY of the MAC lipsticks I have shown you in the #28kisses lipstick challenge but I can't help it, I love my blue-toned pink lipsticks (It's an addiction, I tell ya!!!)
I really love that at the bottom of each MUA lipstick they have a little container filled with your lipstick choice which I think is really handy as I can just unscrew it and dab a bit of colour on my lips with my finger for an on-the-go touch up.
Personally I really think everyone should own a MUA Cosmetics because let's face it, even if you don't get on with it, it only cost you a large chocolate bar. 

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