Wednesday, 13 February 2013

M&M Earrings??? Yes Please! I Promise Not To Eat Them

When it comes to Fashion, the majority of the time I really couldn’t care less.

No, this isn’t a statement made as I couldn’t get into any Fashion Week Tickets (which is sort of impossible if you didn’t even apply in the first place) but one made on the basis that the majority of fashion bores me as I like what I like and won’t spend money chasing what I don’t because it is in fashion. That said I rarely cover anything fashion based on my blog unless it’s part of a haul but a little email which popped into my mailbox last night, managed to combine my love of sweets and jewellry in one swoop and I felt like I HAD to tell you about this.
Jelly Button Jewellry are all about cute and quirky handmade jewellry, that use toys, buttons, charms and sweets as inspiration. The bracelets and rings on the website are so cute and realistic that they come with a little warning text on the website that actually made me giggle

“Due to this ring looking edible it is unsuitable for [. . .] anyone who may mistake it for food”

*This probably applies to me, as everything looks edible when I’m hungry.*
I can’t actually decide what I love more on this site. The Sesame Street Necklaces appeal to my immature side but the Pick & Mix Charm Bracelet looks so yummy!!! Actually I want the skittles earrings!!! They look so realistic, barely distinguishable from the real thing  . . . I've decide, I want these!!!!!!!!!!
 Also make sure you check out the Jelly Button Blog – Under The Rainbow to get a behind the scenes review from the creators from the cutest inedible jewellry I’ve ever seen.

Amazing News!!!

Readers of EpiphannieA can get 10% off at Jellybutton Jewellry!!!!

Type in "EPIPHANNIE" at the checkout and bag yourself something unique and fun!