Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Touch of Retail Therapy

Trust me to find myself sick in bed, surrounded by tissues on the most romantic day of the year. Ok, it’s not like I had any plans for Valentines day but I didn’t really want to spend it in bed trying to find the best way of combination of breathing out of a blocked-up nose and breathing through my mouth when I have a sore throat

(Was that too much information??)

As I’m bed-bound for what might be the rest of this week, I thought a spot of retail therapy might cheer me up. I’m focusing more on knitwear and items I can take with me to New York next month (apparently it’s like -13 degrees over there) so if my choices look super warm and sturdy, you now know why.

If I could make one recommendation to you , it would have to be this Marcby Marc Jacobs Flipping Out Doctors’ Bag. I mean what’s not to like? It’s a ruby red, leather bag with a magnetic snap closure AND had gold hardware throughout . . .plus there’s only one left!!!! 

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