Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Pharmacognosist Skincare Approach

What is it about Natural Skincare Products that makes me perk up in my seat? After learning in 2012, what I am allergic to and which skincare ingredients should be avoided at all costs; if I prefer to keep my skin rash and dry patch free, 2013 is all about learning what brands stock products that not overly perfumed and fruit sugar intoxicated, which leads me to my newest curiosity Dr Jackson.

Dr Jackson is an Industry Leading Pharmacognosist; with a qualification list that reads like a blurb on a book, who has now launched his very own online store. His Kigelia derived skincare products were previously only sold in Liberty and Harvey Nichols. 

I really wanted to highlight his brand because I love his aim and objective of promoting pharmacognosy (the study of medicines from natural plants) into the cosmetic industry and well as using safe organic ingredient where possible. 
At the moment his product line contains:-

Skin Cream 01 contains Kigelia fruit extract, Baobab Oil, Shea Butter & Marula Seed Oil and has a SPF 20 factor. Skin Cream 1 is a unisex skin cream containing bioactive extracts and is designed to smooth and illuminate the complexion, reduce puffiness and have a firming effect on skin.

Skin Cream 02 contains Kigelia fruit extract, Baobab Oil, Frankincense &Mango Seed oil and seems to be the 0 SPF night time equivalent to the Skin Cream 1.

Face Oil 03 contains Baobob Oil, Marula Oil, Calendula Flower and Arnica Flower Extract, and works as a deep penetrating oil to alleviate dry and damaged skin and improve the skin tone. This face oil contains 2 base ingredients that are known for it’s anti-inflammatory and healing properties, which is good to know if you suffer from exceptionally dry skin or excema.

While these 3 products are designed to work together, I’m more interested in trying out Dr Jackson’s Skin Cream in 01. I know I am not allergic to seed oils or shea butter but I’m not too sure about Kigelia as my allergies tend to flair up with fruit extract. I know this brand is stocked in the Harvey Nichol’s Beauty Mart so I think I’ll pay it a visit after work and take a quick test skin-swatch to see if I react to it.