Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review:- MAC Apres Chic Lipstick

MAC Apres Chic Lipstick is from the newly launched Apres Chic Collection from MAC and 2 weeks ago when I wanted to post this review  . . . the minute I tried to swatch this lipstick at home, I really didn’t like anything about this shade.
This was one of the last products I bought before my spending ban kicked in so you can imagine I wasn't impressed that I spent £14 of my own money on this, not to like the shade once I got home.

It’s like from the time I left the MAC shop; swatching it on two separate occasions and all the Google research, and getting home, Apr├Ęs Chic turned from a lovely pinky red shade to a sheer coral like pink lipstick with a drying and horrible finish.
The first time I swatched this lipstick for this blog post the pictures came out so horribly drying and patchy that I had to redo the picture taking but using my Dr Lipp Lip Balm underneath to try and moisturize my lips, and apply it straight from the tub without a lip brush. . . but that didn't work either the pictures were just that bad. I decided to halt this review for a little while and move on to the next item on my review list.

Thinking back, I now know that that reason my swatch looked horrible was because I was about to fall ill for two weeks and was suffering from dehydration. It's almost laughable that I was forcing myself to swatch a product and getting frustrated over the colour when there was nothing wrong with the shade and everything wrong with me.
Now that I am better and my lips are back to a much more manageable moisture level, I am loving this pinky-red brown shade and I have a feeling that it is going to bypass my favourite lipstick (MAC Viva Glam VI) and find its way into my coat pocket (the end destination for my must have makeup).

Have you ever been in the same position I was? On the verge of falling sick but completely oblivious? Did you pick anything up from MAC Apres Chic Limited Edition Collection? Leave me a link below if you did so I can have a snoop.